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Sign up in feedburner

. Senin, 02 Februari 2009 Someone has asked me the tutorial about adding the banners of Add to Google, My Yahoo and others. Well, it is very simple to answer. If you want to add those banners, you will have to join By the way, what is is a website that gives syndication or feed services. Based on the data I have read from the page news of this site, now feedburner has been taken over by Google, so we can transfer our blog feed into feed in

If you want to make your blog famous, I suggest you to join feedburner. Their service is also free. And if you want to sign up but still don’t know to do it, just read the steps below;

  1. Please visit
  2. Click Register at the top of the page
  3. Fill in the whole available form
    • Username --> type your desired username, example: japra
    • password --> type your desired password example: japratea
    • Password (again) --> retype your password
    • Email address --> type your email here
    • Secret Question --> type the secret question here and the answer is only known by you. Example: who is your girl friend?
    • Secret Answer --> type the answer of the question above. Example: juleha
    • Click Sign in button
  4. If it is successful, you will read welcome from feedburner
  5. Type your blog address in Burn a feed right this example :
  6. Mark at the radio button available and choose any button you like, and then click next.
  7. Change Feed Title with Feed Address if you want to change it. After that click Active feed button.
  8. You will read Congrats. Just click Next button directly.
  9. Give a mark at Clickthroughs and I want more! have FeedBurner stats PRO also track (PRO service is also free now)
  10. click Next button
  11. click Optimize tab
  12. Please do the setting as your interest. The most important thing is that you have to activate Smart feed feature because this feature functions to make our feed function compatible or match with any of your feed reader.
  13. Click SmartFeed and then click Active button
  14. Click Publicize tab, please choose the features you want but the most famous and often used are feedCount. Ok, click FeedCount
  15. Choose the style from feedcount; ordinary one or animation one. Give a mark at ratio button next to it.
  16. Click Active button
  17. Copy the HTML given in text area and paste into notepad.
  18. Click ChickletChooser to choose any kinds of banner or chicklets as asked by Setyo.
  19. Give a mark at ration button next to each chicklet, then copy the HTML code and paste it into notepad. Note: every time you give a mark at the ration button for each chicklet, automatically HTML code of each chicklet will change
  20. Click Pingshot, give a mark next to Ping-O-matic and Newsgator, click available dropdown menu, then choose one, click Add button, Click dropdown menu again if you want to add again, click Add.
  21. Click Active button.
  22. Click Headline Animator to get animation banner.
  23. Click dropdown menu under theme, choose one that you like (classic type is the most favorite of many people)
  24. Click Active button.
  25. Click dropdown menu next to Add to, choose blogger blog.
  26. Click Next button.
  27. After new window appear, click Add to Blogger
  28. Please Sign in into blogger.
  29. Choose the blog that you want to add the animation banner. Then click Add Widget button. The animation banner will automatically be added in your blog. Note: this way is for new template user.
  30. Sign out from the site
  31. done

For other features, please try them by yourself ok. If I explain all, it will be too many and take a long time but the main reason is that I am tired to type again…ok bro clip_image001

To add HTML code into blog is easy and I believe that you can do it, too. I have explained a lot about this one. If you use classic template, just paste into the template code but if you use new template, just Add a Gadget, then choose HTML/JavaScript, paste the code and done.
Last but not least. As I have explained above that feedburner has been taken over by google. It means that blogger feed can be transferred into feed burner.

Read below to do it

  1. Sign in into blogger
  2. Click Setting menu
  3. Click Site Feed
  4. Next to Allow Feed Blog, choose Full.
  5. Save the feed from feedburner at the box next to Post Feed Redirect URL. Example, the feed address from feedburner is

  1. If you have google adsense account, you can save it at Feed Item Footer
  2. click save settings
  3. Done

Ok bloggers, welcome to feedburner and now your blog is more famous.
I almost forgot the banner sample of feedburner can be seen below.

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